Grease Traps

Jupiter Septic can clean and pressure wash your grease trap keeping it in top condition. Our Grease trap service includes Palm Beach and Martin County, Jupiter, Hobe Sound and Palm Beach Gardens with fast friendly service.
Grease Traps are designed to separate oils and grease from waste water before leaving a restaurant and collect them in a tank before entering the local sewer system. Grease can clog sewer lines and lift stations causing increased maintenance and backups of the public sewer system. Grease Traps are effective because the outlet from the tank is set approximately 8” from the bottom of the grease trap. Oils and grease rise to the surface and are trapped inside the tank. Water, which is heavier falls to the bottom and when waste water comes into the grease trap it forces water up the outlet tube into the sewer system leaving the grease behind.
Grease traps need to pumped on a regular basis by a licensed pumper to remove solids. The frequency can depend on the size of the tank, hours of operation and the type of establishment. At the time of pumping and cleaning your grease trap check the system for any signs of potential trouble. Make sure the inlet and outlets are free of build ups which can cause blockages. If necessary scrape or pressure wash the baffles and check the incoming and outgoing lines for constrictions. Pressure jetting these lines is always a good idea. Check your system quarterly and thoroughly clean at least once a year.
Grease Trap